Wether you’re looking for a rental van, backline, merchandise – or for professional pre-production, tour management and all sorts of crew members – this is the right spot.

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Pre-Production & Tour Management
The tour dates are set – what’s next?
We check out every detail of your tour, starting with a steady and organized communication with every party involved in your tour. We will book hotels for you, advance shows with local promoters, put together the backline you need and pick you up with the best vehicle that suits your tour.
Start the tour!


What kind of vehicle fits you best?
We work together with several well established van and bus companies throughout Europe.  This way we can provide you with the best vehicle suited for your needs. No matter where you start and end your tour, we pick you up and get you safely from one show to the next one.
Get out on the street!


Can’t bring all your Instruments? Need confetti?
We have a lot of backline suppliers all over Europe who work with us. We guarantee you the best gear we can find and supply you with everything you need. Starting with standard or custom made drums, bass and guitar amps, instruments and cases, we can also get you a confetti, pyro or a coffee machine in a flight case!
Rent your backline!


Your show needs great sound and light?
The backbone of every successful tour is a good working crew! Wether it’s a tour manager who keeps the tour running, a professional sound and light crew or backline professionals, merchandise sellers or drivers. Many of our members are multi-tasking talents and combine their job with tour management or driving.
Find your crew!


Don’t want to ship the shirts across the pond?
We work together with some of the best merchandise companies in Europe. Wether you need printed shirts, hoodies, pants or bags. We can provide you with all kinds of organic, fair-trade merchandise products and of course with experienced merch people who sell your products.
Print merch!


Who are we?

The idea of 52 Roads was born when founder Chris Mock decided to use his world wide network of touring professionals as a community who shares and works together. While touring as a sound engineer and tour manager for over 12 years he gained a lot of experience and met many tour managers, sound and light engineers, backline professionals, drivers, merchandise producers and sellers around the world. This network was there but its potential was still far from being fully exploited.
He decidede to put all the strings together and act as a company to provide you with the best tour support you can imagine. Every single member of “52 Roads” is a hand selected word-of-mouth recommendation. We keep a tight circle to avoid the black sheep in our business. Many of us have been friends and colleges for a long time. This dogma results in an extremely large but tight network with connections to freelancers and companies all over the world.
Working with 52 Roads gives you the benefit of an all-in-one experience! Let us handle your tour and you will only have to deal with us instead of having all those loose ends. Organized by a few, carried by many, we are the first choice when it comes to handling your tour. Wether you need a van, or some backline, a multi-tasking talent for sound and tour management or someone who takes care of everything regarding the upcoming tour – We have it!